Social Media and Politics: A New Way to Participate in the Political Process; 2 volume set
Edited by Glenn W. Richardson, Jr.

The 28 essays in this two-volume set examine how social media is impacting politics and social movements. The first volume examines candidates' and campaigns' use of social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and the effects on voters in US campaigns for the House, Senate, and presidency, as well as elsewhere, addressing how information flows differ across social and traditional media, how it flows to individuals, gender differences in Twitter-style among candidates, the role of social media in political polarization, and what campaigns become as social media becomes the infrastructure of political communication, as well as issue coverage and candidate ethos. The second volume focuses on how social movements and others have used social media, including how groups from Greenpeace to the Tea Party and movements from feminism and resistance journalism have grown in the age of social media, along with discussion of clicktivism and crowdfunding campaigns, identity and video games, the use of social media to educate the public about the courts, and the power of social media to defeat traditional marketing campaigns. ( Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)


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