"White" Washing American Education: The New Culture Wars in Ethnic Studies; 2 volume set
Edited by Denise M. Sandoval, Anthony J. Ratcliff, Tracy Lachica Buenavista, and James R. MarĂ­n

This two-volume set explores the political and cultural struggle to establish ethnic studies in K-12 and higher education in the US. The first volume contains 13 chapters, in which ethnic studies scholars, practitioners, and students detail specific projects and programs in K-12 education and their history and ideological foundations, pedagogical practices, and critical practitioner preparation, such as Chicana/o and Latina/o studies programs. The 17 chapters in the second volume address higher education programs and projects and how the whitewashing of curricula and stories at the university level impacts students, faculty, and communities of color. They discuss intellectual traditions, history, and ideological foundations; teaching ethnic studies at white institutions; ethnic studies research and community engagement; and student activism and classroom pedagogy for transformative change. (© Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)


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