Hell no!; a fundamentalist preacher rejects eternal torment.
Gillihan, Charles.

After finding himself troubled by the grief and inner turmoil caused by church members' fears about hell, Gillihan researches and evaluates Christian concepts of and beliefs about Hell. A fundamentalist preacher and pastor with thirty years experience, Gillihan first examines historical and literary underpinnings of our understanding of Hell, then delves deeply into Biblical texts in order to understand how this understanding arose and developed. In the process of his study, Gillihan notes contradictions, incongruences, and likely mis-translations throughout the Bible. Ultimately, Gillihan rejects the notion of eternal damnation as incompatible with the concept of a loving God, and he also rejects the notion that every word of the Bible must be read and interpreted literally as "Fundamentalism's fatal flaw." (2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)


Review by Book News, Inc.